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Tai Chi at PRO Martial Arts

The primary instructors at PRO Martial Arts teach Tang Soo Do karate, but as the audience drawn to a martial arts school does not always desire to learn karate, other disciplines are offered.  At PRO Martial Arts in Cranberry Township, classes in Kickboxing, Krav Maga, and Tai Chi Chuan are also provided.

While the principal aim for teaching Tai Chi Chuan at PRO Martial Arts is to develop a lasting group of students desirous of progressing through the ranks of the Tai Chi curriculum, we are also interested in developing martial arts enthusiasts who like to try different arts simultaneously. That’s the beauty of the PRO Martial Arts program: karate-enthusiasts can go up the interaction ladder to Krav Maga, or up the meditation/flexibility ladder to Tai Chi, or up the extreme cardio ladder to Kickboxing.  Tai Chi enthusiasts would do well to include karate or kickboxing level cardio in their exercise programs, although the primary customer for Tai Chi is usually over the age of 50 and may not yet have enough conditioning or mobility to engage in a more heavily-cardio program.

Many Tai Chi students and masters feel that the Tai Chi forms are all you need for complete exercise…and in a sense, that is true.  But the Tai Chi forms can be extensive, and once all are learned, then together they can really ramp up the heart rate.  But reaching a level of cardio needed for health improvement and maintenance may take longer than if karate or kickboxing were also included, so a student should seriously consider the other arts has he/she looks into learning Tai Chi.