Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hello, World

“Hello, World” is a traditional first computer programming program output message.  As this post is Playing Tai Chi’s first blog post, drafted, hosted and viewed by computers, it’s only fitting that it serve as the first output here.

Yesterday my brother asked “Why use the word ‘Playing’ as part of the name for your website and your upcoming ebook?”

I love my brother because he comes up with the best, to-the-point questions. :-)

The word “playing” I said to him has a positive flavor to it.  When you play, you throw all your effort into doing something fun, with a light-hearted but highly concentrated intent. Tai Chi requires hard work to learn and to maintain, and ideally it requires working with other people to get the full flavor of both the movement and the martial applications.  But Tai Chi should not be drudgery – it should be energizing, exciting – therefore “playing”.